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Conversation Between ~Fallen~Angel~ and konkikushuro

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  1. haha! you is funny! i think you mean ME kicking YOUR butt with taokaka, lichi, or noel's partner tsubaki
  2. Guesss that could work if the PSP's had a internet server for me to kick your butt with Ragna or Iron tager.....
    Perhaps Haku=men...
  3. but i'm getting calamity trigger for psp.
  4. don't worry taokaka i'll be getting calamity trigger (or CS) for the xbox as well
  5. aw biscuits! i wanted to pwn you though!
  6. i have blazblue contiumm shift for the PS3...
    also it's still awhile before my Xbox live can be up and running again
  7. Be on xboxlive today at around 3:00
  8. hey what's kept you away? and yea right! I WILL PWN YOU!!!! and thank you! i'm 14 now and my friend who looks like justin beiber mixed with fred figglehorn turned 14 just today!
  9. Hey there rival or shall i say taokaka!^^
    i had no idea your b-day passed...
    i will sen you a BlazBlue B-day card once i get my new shipment of them on my site.....
    i got Blazeblue contium Shift!
    i will smoke you with noel so be ready AHAHAH
  10. I am so gonna pwn you!......and sorry about your grandma T.T
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