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Conversation Between Assiduous✡Aristocrat and Kaleohano

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  1. does Skype count? i do have one of those
  2. not anymore. used to have a myspace but never got into Facebook. it just seems like a bunch of drama to me.
  3. Do you use Social Media sites?
  4. 520-236-1166

    feel free to call me. I do not feel like derailing the Catatrollapillar thread when i has my legendary Catatrollapillar in it. If you live near by, i'll be happy to meet you and discuss that shit to your hearts contempt. I'm in Apache Junction, hit me up.
  5. for the time being, yes
  6. Are you back in AZ?
  7. consider it to be under consideration for me to notify my agent that he should decide on whether or not you get one.
  8. Can I at least get a hug goodbye?
  9. there goes another one i wasn't interested in in the first place. i'm so sad.
  10. I have a women, so humph!
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