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Conversation Between Token Black Guy and Kaitou+

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  1. Ah, but you don't really spar right?
  2. Usually when i get the chance to i do.
  3. Haha, yeah, some people are just dumb.

    So you still punch your punching bag?
  4. That's good, but why the hell would someone buy a 60 dollar game with coins? I would understand if it was a bottle of soda or some candy, but a game? Some people are just plain dumb. at least it doesn't sound as bad as my brother's job.
  5. Just working at GameStop. Some customers are nice, some are rude and some are stupid/or assholes enough to pay with coins for a 60 bucks game. >_>

    And well, I been working out too and practice my boxing.
  6. Yeah. I'm just lucky that i didn't have a more serious injury. Some people just don't need to drive. But how have you been?
  7. Crap, it was a good thing you were still alive, bro. xD Some ppl nee their license revoked.
  8. Well i'm a lot better now that all the soreness is gone. Man i just hated that i was all sore after the "accident".
  9. Indeed it was. So how are you?
  10. Oh yeah man. It was fun though.
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