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Conversation Between GameGeeks and Ugly.Ted

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  1. But here, bruv. Let me help you out: I think you'd be better off here:
  2. I also love the fact that you "brag" to your online "buddies" about how humored you are at this. Did you mention the fact that you ran to the admin with your wittle feewings hurt and got him to delete the big bad mean pictures off your page and to stop disliking your posts? LOL You're the one that gave me the idea to do that. Grade A weenie.
  3. Do you mean "chord"

    I'd expect a pretentious sack of nerd semen to at least insult me properly. You owe me that. After all, you have your whole life riding on your reputation here as a grade A ass kisser.
  4. Oh hey, your first non black pic. Must have struck a cord.
  5. GameGeeks in every day life.

  6. You smell that? Because I can. It smells like virginity and a lonely life on the internet with your ego on an anime forum to look after. And it really smells strong. looool
  7. That's one way to look at it. And yeah, I did encourage you. But not to the extent of abusing the system. There's a difference. And hey, at least I'm not the one searching the web looking for bulging black men. There something you want to come out of?
  8. Lol, you're such a typical closet shut in. I love how you encourage me to dislike your posts and even post on my wall about it (because you don't care so much, right?) then run to the admin crying. Weenie.
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