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Conversation Between GameGeeks and blueangel06661

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  1. I know what you meant, was just saying it was simple drawings. Another example would be the Powder Puff Girls, though I didn't like that for obvious reasons involving me being a guy.
  2. No I'm referring to stuff like Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends.. Then everything that came after it. Dexter wasn't bad. DeeDee was my favorite Character xD
  3. Well you could argue that for Dexter, but that was done intentionally and the animation was quite good. And yeah, I want Courage's computer.
  4. I avoid cartoons now. Their form of drawing them is putting shapes and colors together and TADAA! I never realized how scary courage the cowardly dog was until I got older.. Used to love that show as a kid..... Somehow... ahaha.
  5. And All That, and for Kid cartoons there was Dexter. They just don't make things like they used to.
  6. Yup when I watch TV it's via Hulu now. Yeah Sabrina was the best show ever xD I also liked kenan & kel.
  7. Yeah, you got Prince, Sabrina (Salem FTW), Full House, Family Matters, ect. Now we just get dribble. I've actually just canceled cable. The main current show I watch now (House) is on Hulu.
  8. Oh man I avoid current TV shows like the plague. They are so censored and not as funny anymore. :/ I miss a bunch of the old shows.
  9. Ah FP, man I miss that show. Why can't we get TV like that now a days?
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