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Conversation Between GameGeeks and Rainbow Crash

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  1. Exactly! Like as a kid I was able to do pretty much anything I wanted. But I understood there were still things I was humanly incapable of doing. I climb trees but I didn't attempt to jump from one or another like a squirrel. I pretended to be a mermaid whilst swimming in the pool but I didn't physically tie my feet together in case something went wrong [well actually my parents wouldn't allow me to do that T_T I did want to though]
  2. Yeah, you're going to get bumps and bruises as a kid. That's how you learn what not to do. If anything parents should coerce kids to do things like that. With in reason that is. Jumping off say, the roof, is not in reason. But off a couch is fine, unless you do what I did and throw yourself backwards onto the coffee table.
  3. Well I thought it was a smart idea to run a 4-wheeler over a really tall sand pile and caused it to flip. But I didn't blame that stunt on something I saw on TV or anything. I just shook myself off and got back up and continued to play around. But as far as jumping out windows and yelling "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!" Nope.. not really.
  4. Really, you never did anything stupid as a kid?
  5. Thanks...I think.
  6. your links are quite amusing..
  7. GIANT PANDAS!!!! ON NOES! :] lol idk either.
  8. And I have no idea where to go from here so, bloop.
  9. Agreed. You're going to be exposed to it at some point or another...
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