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Conversation Between GameGeeks and blueangel06661

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  1. I don't have that option.
  2. Well tell them to go to the customize profile and make sure the insert image button isn't checked.... It's at the top when you are able to select your colors etc.
  3. She didn't do that, Aku no Hikari's profile is the same way. Just not nearly as bad.
  4. Holy crap seizure alert. Someone needs to tell them to lay off the images.
  5. Yeah, might just be a matter of him trying to find out what's going on since other users have had issues like that though it's just on their profile. Go take a look at LadyGaGa's profile.
  6. Not when I type it though.. Did you see the screenshot I posted in the thread o.o?
  7. Your text looks pink to me.
  8. Indeed. Well he tells me to be more colorful. I'm a sucker to a basic color shceme. so.. I dunno xD though I feel stupid cause my text box and text are blackish and it's hard to read what I type D: Ace says it's different for him x.X lol.
  9. What I do. Helps if he defines what he means by experiment.
  10. Yeah.. Thats what he tells everyone.. xD I just start making stuff. I have no idea what it's going to turn out when I start xD
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