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Conversation Between -Ro- and Sizary Momo

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  1. Aw man.I don't think i will be playing that game.
    I'm too busy with school work.>-<
  2. The game is over now. Sorry for pestering you so much. We (the wolves) lost D:
  3. Oh okay well just remember to vote on the game thread today (Monday) or you're out of the game!
  4. I've been really busy with all my family birthday
    parties.Tomorrow i have a baby shower to go to.>-<
  5. Hello dear~ just a kind reminder that today (Saturday) is day phase, which means you vote in the thread who you think is a wolf~ (that's how you stay in the game... you need to keep voting lol)
  6. Oh ok.Thanks.
  7. lol The game goes back and forth between 2 phases: day phase (when everyone votes on who to lynch) and night phase (when the wolves vote on who to kill). Each phase is 24 hours long. The next time we can vote is tonight Wed 11 pm EST through Thur 11pm EST. So basically we vote all day Thursday depending on your time zone - it is for mine anyway.
  8. Um what are the days again? ^^"
  9. I see that you found the thread. Good for you! Just don't forget to vote for someone before 11 pm EST and you're all set!
  10. Is the game on that thread too?Or on a different one?
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