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Conversation Between -Ro- and Kaitou+

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  1. How's it goin Forum? So at least I THINK I'm back for a game before classes start up again.
  2. You;re back, since when?
  3. Tt_tt
  4. Oh yeah I should have thought of a gun xD We also need agu and gatomon, since I was her as the seer :P

    I would play but my internet is going to be taken away from me. Any day now, I thought it would be sooner. I'll play out the rest of this game but I'm not sure how soon I'll play after that.
  5. Well, technically the gun is the symbol for the Cop (Seer) role.
    But I will get into it, also sign in for Wolf 15. (2 more and it's my turn!)
  6. Why thank you!!! =D lol you just got me thinking we need more mafia/wolf related gifts in the shop XD
  7. Replace the second 2 with an @, it was a typo.
  8. Your inbox is full. Sorry but the name in the pm didn't work. :P I also tried putting an @ in it and I never got the friendship request.
  9. cool :]
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