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Conversation Between animeyay and RyuTama

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  1. Ahh, I found it under 水尾, so that's indeed why I missed it. Darn. :x

    I've always been more of a KAITO fan than any of the other Vocaloids. I just never noticed how little of his songs are actually on AL. O.O That and yes, I've been finding a lot of really good ones for him lately~. There will be more. But yeah, I'll be sure to check more carefully from now on. Thanks. ^^
  2. ahhh~ the joy of having rejected songs lol
    I believe it's the song 水脈, which is already here in the system
    the titled is pronounced Mio not Mizuo, so maybe that's why you didn't realize it was already there

    PS it seems like you've suddenly become a KAITO fan :P
  3. Oouf, my first rejected song. Prolly rushed it. ~.~ Anyway is there a way I can find out which songs of mine are rejected so that I can try them again later?
  4. don't worry, even if you mess up on your submission, we admins will fix everything for you when we approve submissions~
  5. Oh so it is html code! I figured it was either html or BB. Since there's not a preview option when submitting lyrics I wanted to make sure, lol. Thanks! :la
  6. you simply use the html code for font color.
    for example, to make this sentence go red, you do:

    <font color="red">for example, to make this sentence go red, you do:</font>

    the color names on this page can be directly used, (replace the "red" with the name of your desired color). if you want to use a color not available on that page, you would need to use the use the hex code of that color. for example, <font color=#CC0099>like this</font>
  7. Ah, in this song you just translated, how did you format the text in different colors? I was planning on transliterating a Gakuen Hetalia song, but there are 8 singers and practically every line switches between them.

    I don't want to start out each line/stanza with "Italy:" or "America:", etc, cuz that's just blah. :c
  8. haha, even if people decide to be inactive anyway, it won't be your fault, so no pressure there :3

    Canada was GREAT!! it's such a chill place with nice people, (unlike where I live where everyone's constantly on the run and often gives you annoyed looks lol). I was also shocked that in Quebec province almost everything is written completely in French; I had to double check if I was even going into the right bathroom lol. it was very interesting to observe how some Quebecans can codeswitch between English and French smoothly while others have to struggle with even a simple English sentence, and I was most relieved to find out that most Quebecans don't force you to speak French to them (unlike what the rumors said haha)
  9. Yesss :la: Thankja~. Yeah I'm hoping the role list I have in mind will be enough to keep people interested. >w<

    Btw how'd your trip to Canada go? So jealous. XD
  10. ehhhhh? time sure went by fast :o
    sure? XD with the little faith I have left, I'll play one more time lol
    I hope most players won't disappoint
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