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Conversation Between animeyay and Scruffy

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  1. heeeeeey no need for the neg rep lol
  2. Yeh. Well, that's what it looks like, at least. :3
    This is actually the best mark I've had throughout my entirety of high school. So I know your pain D:
  3. oh? you'll be hosting the next one? cool!! =O
    and good job!! I don't remember the last time I had an A average lol. actually, that's not funny D;
  4. :o

    Well, I've got my idea for Wolf XI down, but I haven't started the roles yet. So hopefully that will entertain you further
    Oh gawd, the worst is yet to come. I have a 94% average though :]
  5. nah, more like it's my only form of entertainment XD
    and wow, summer school? D: that must suck...stay sane!!
  6. xD Figures. You're pretty dedicated to the game, man. :3

    I've been exhausted with homework from summer school...but I've been playing a lot of Maplestory to make up for it. :o
  7. hey bro!! doing some Wolf investigation right now XD
    how've you been?
  8. 'sup bruddah?
  9. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? didn't know that!!! D: Shakespeare lied to me!
    but at least I learned something new today =D
  10. "Et tu, Brute?" was actually not spoken by Caesar but simply made famous by Shakespeare.

    ^ Feeling like a complete history geek after finishing my essay. THANKS FOR READAN AGAIN, BRO.
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