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Conversation Between animeyay and Scruffy

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  1. Kay, after you come back then.

    I've got all 8 badges in Black 2 and am probably going to beat it tonight. I also have White 2. :3
  2. ahaha, I would love to, but I have to leave very soon to meet a friend for dinner, so now is probably a bad time XD you're playing the new game, too?
  3. Mike, go on MSN. Let's talk Pokemon.
  4. hehe, just to pass some time.
    I'll try very hard to be active, but I can't promise anything :P
  5. Good to see you in another game.
  6. oh okay, got it! <3
  7. In case someone in the game is inactive and hasn't posted in awhile, allow me to replace them.
  8. eh? "replacement"? XD
  9. Sign me up as a replacement in teh Mafia.
  10. lol those eyes were not exactly the greeting type, but I appreciate your asking anyway~

    I've been (ugh) busy with work and life that I wish I could go back to being a student again lol. but that's only wishful thinking XD how about you? how've you been?
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