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Conversation Between animeyay and Suzume

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  1. Genki desu sensei.
    What r u doing now?
  2. HELLO! long time no talk lol.
    yea i've been too busy with work to have much time on here, but I still visit very frequently~
    how've you been?
  3. Sensei sashiburi!!!
    I actually used google translator. Gumenasai sensei.
  4. Yep. Went on a desert bike ride and eat lots lol.
  5. desert? not sure if I want to call that "fun", but I guess it's an adventure?
  6. We went to the desert.
  7. slept all weekend lol.
  8. Hi how was ur weekend?
  9. the prom? I've asked xRiikox, but who knows when it'll actually be held?
  10. So who r u going with to af prom?
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