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Conversation Between animeyay and Rei

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  1. ok they're up~ now you can have it at the corrections lol
  2. I seem to have made some mistakes with the lyrics of METRO BAROQUE; I used the kanji from littleoslo, then they suddenly got the official lyrics today or something. Tell me when they're up?
  3. should be either "Shin Tennis no Oujisama" or "The New Prince of Tennis". they'll just be alternative titles of the same show.
  4. I am confused.

    Do we put this up as The New Prince of Tennis, or simply Shin Prince of Tennis, or Prince of Tennis II?
  5. hehe, I already have Episode.0 in the Vocaloid section anyway,
    so it's a free song count for me with a simple copy&paste~

    life has been...uneventful, lol but I'm in bad need of a break from work D:
    besides, I barely have enough time to make any progress in my Persona 4.
    think I'm still trapped in the bathhouse... >.>
  6. Lol ;D I just noticed the phrasing is strange xD Since you're gonna kill me anyway I'll just do it~

    How's life been recently?
  7. would I kill you? sure, since you asked so nicely, it would be my pleasure to kill you ;D
  8. Indeed. He was once on this show with Vivan Hsu, and he randomly started speaking chinese xD Her Japanese is great, too.

    Oh yeah, if I submit songs like Episode 0. and REDEMPTION to the section, would you kill me? ;3
  9. hehehe, did it while I was at it~
    his Chinese is definitely better than an average Chinese learner tho. it's really hard for a non-native speaker to speak perfect Chinese so we forgive him
  10. Omg I was gonna do the chinese version but you beat me to it D: Should have seen that coming ;3

    I have to say that his chinese is a little iffy though, but that can be forgiven.
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