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Conversation Between animeyay and SuXrys

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  1. Good... then it was no need for this (shame!) *puts away whip*
  2. I promise I will watch it when I have a huge chunk of free time, but just not now

  3. O.M.G! O_O What's wrong with you?!!
    Gintama is one of my favorite shows in the entire world, mostly that one an Ouran, and you havn't-even-watched-it?

    Im shocked!

  4. no, "the bomb" as in "da bomb"~ nothing offensive
    and uhhhh no, Gintama has too many episodes so I'm too lazy to start watching it hehe
  5. "the bomb"? pfsss mind your language
    Have you seen Gintama then?
  6. yes, I positively have seen Ouran~
    it was the bomb back then when it first came out
  7. ppfsssssssssss excuses excuses.
    Since you seem to like Tamaki so much, I guess that you actually have seen Ouran High School?
  8. noooooo lol Tamaki is a funny character, so I was distracted by his hilarious look XD
    and yes, I have always had my current username
  9. Explain yourself. Because right now you sound just like a pervert who saw that picture and got some butterflies ~ in the stomach.

    Have you had that name of yours, animeyay, since you became a member here btw?
  10. lol noooooooo your Tamaki was distracting in a good way XD
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