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Conversation Between Jagan Eye and Serated

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  1. Where have you been?
  2. Always, you?
  3. Undead?
  4. Sera
  5. Oh, Chris. How I've been missing you so. If I manage to get home before 4:30 sometime within this week, I will call you.
  6. Not featured on my phone. I also hate texting above anything else. Its just by the grace of a higher power that I havent destroyed my phone yet.
  7. Am I allowed to text you?
  8. It happens. And you know I have a phone right? You have special privileges to use it, but not after 6PM.
  9. The summer is quite a terrible time for me to go on MSN because everyone is always home D: And I'm being buried homework, I'll try to get on soon. I feel like talking to you!
  10. I miss you too.
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