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Conversation Between The Butcher and Kaitou+

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  1. Wait,wait,wait.

    Did you say Vanilla Wolf?

    Or did you mean Villain?
  2. 17 with Senior year coming up next week.

    I probably won't be as active in NF's mafia games,since most of the time when you log off you have to play catch up.
  3. 21. =x

    But yeah, I want to host Two wolves here, the favorites one and a vanilla one.
  4. How old are you anyway Kaitou?
  5. Haha, I see.

    Yeah, I thought he was your brother when I checked him out. Your birthday is 2 days before mine. xD
  6. That would not be much work since so few people play Wolf here.

    I already know who I'm going to choose for your game. Also,me and Lincoln are twin bros. It is his first mafia game.

    He made a account on here,but he does not like this forum.
  7. Anyways, I loved Ish's idea so I think I am also making a Favorites Wolf game here.
  8. And I was the beloved Mafia! >.>
  9. Of course. In that game you weren't too active to be suspicious,or to target from a Vig.
  10. Yeah, that Maximo kill. OMFG, dude.

    Again, he got so lucky! =P
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