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Conversation Between The Butcher and Kaitou+

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  1. Took mine a week to be accepted.

    Oh,and I got into Friday's game as replacement.
  2. By the way, you never answered.

    How long it takes them to actually update your account when you request No Rank and Senior?
  3. I gtg for a while,trying to catch up on Herosmash.
  4. I got protected twice. xD

    If you asking how many times I got the role, only once.
  5. How much bulletproofs did you get?
  6. Bulletproof. xD Thanks to it, I made it to the very end.
  7. What was the best role you ever got in a Wolf/Mafia game?
  8. Besides exposing my role. You did pretty good. xD You're not the best player and maybe not the best scumhunter but you can fend for yourself and that's good.
  9. Oh...of course.

    I should've knew that,but I'm still a newb when it comes to Wolf games.
  10. Vanilla basically means Traditonal Wolf.

    Meaning no theme.
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