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Conversation Between The Butcher and Kaitou+

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  1. Yeah, some people still don't get Wolf and Mafia aren't so different aside from the roles.
  2. Of course,but it is going to be tough as hell trying to convince people.

    Me,you,and Scruffy probably won't be enough to convince them. Plus I got a feeling it will lead to Flame War and all that other unnecessary crap.
  3. Exactly. That's why we gotta keep trying.
  4. Yeah,I've seen some hosts complain and crap,getting butt hurt over you managing Wolf.

    It took me a while,but yeah the more games you play the better you get, but people don't get it. I think I'm pretty decent after the 6-8 games I've played.

    They just need to learn how to scumhunt.
  5. Sounds good, bro.

    Thing is, some hots are disliking the idea of no PMs because it failed. But tell me, when you were first learning how to ride a bike without training wheels and you fell down, did you put them back on or you tried again until you got it right? That's what I am trying to say here, we should try again until we get it right.
  6. Just did,and posting my opinions kind of late on the dead topics.

    Don't worry,we'll eventually get this place booming for Wolf. I'm still trying to design my Claymore game. Having a hard time with it,trying to get original and stuff like that.

    I'll try my first game here.
  7. I see. I made a similar idea, called Search or Die. Look it up in the Wolf Group.

    I understand what you are saying but in a way, I feel like it's cheating. Imagine if people PMed each other in NarutoForums, it would break the game like hell. @_@
  8. Well,I don't want to spoil other people's fun by telling them not to use PMs. Though I don't like it either.

    Oh,and I played LB's Troll Box Mafia game. I got Daytime Assassin in mafia,and killed Jack of All trades on the very first day phase. Though we started screwing up once Friday died,Cokie and Belph started being inactive,and ended in a modkill win for townies....

    I died due to opening a troll box....Why in the world would I want to open it!? I was suspected by no one but Greenbeast,but who listens to him?

    Though in my short time being Mafia,I thought I was pretty darn better than I was when Town.

    Plus,I think after the Favs game my brother(Lincoln Rhyme),is going to play Mafia games. Though he'll only play ones 40 or shorter.
  9. Also, I guess since you played both here and on NF, maybe you can share your opinion about using PMs? That would be good.

    And thanks, bro. xD Hey, both Storm and Kurama were good roles, you just screwed up. =P
  10. I'm not playing another game here,unless it is yours. I didn't like Scruffy's game that much, because it wasn't as active.

    I'm sure if you pull a Favorites,we'll get more...or less activity when they get role they don't like.
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