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Conversation Between Sr Machinehead and Navigator

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  1. Well yeah it's a long shift, but I work one 12 hour
    and then three 8 hour shifts a week. lol.
  2. well that's not good. ):
    that's a long shift too, hopefully you feel better though. ^_^
  3. I am glad to hear that you are doing well!
    And I am actually super tired and worn out. ): I don't know
    why but work really wore me out today. And it wasn't
    that hard of a day.. but I did work a 12 hour shift. Haha.
  4. maaaaylynnnnn <3 I'm good how are you?
  5. Macchiinnnee. <3. how are you today?!
  6. Yeah right! I noticed first! Hahaha. Just kidding.
    but I am glad you fixed the friend thing. I also accepted!
    mission accomplished!! Woo! And confidence is an amazing thing
    to have. Don't lose it!! <3
    Somehow.. I deleted this.. and so I tried to post again. Hhaha. silly me!
  7. i think i noticed but i probably forgot soon after. =P
    also i don't believe i do have you as a friend. -fixes this-
    The confidence is always there though. <33 ilu too
  8. Whoa.. I just noticed that I was your 100th visitor message. And you are not my friend on here.. I don't think. Maybe.. Haha.
    But I love your confidence. Haha. "The best at many things" teehee. <33 ilu
  9. Maaylynn! i'm not up to much other than my usual routine. -hugs back-
    Colorful indeed and of course activity is great.
    And i'm the best at many things. <33 (=
  10. Machine! What's up?! <<hug!>> Look I am now making your page colorful and giving it some activity.
    You are the best! <3 <3 (:
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