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Conversation Between Sr Machinehead and GameGeeks

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  1. Either way works for me. And if he has gotten scared away from 4chan then that just shows how pathetic he really is.
  2. if he was on 4chan he'd probably have a heart attack or get eaten by the trolls but that could be why he ended up here.
  3. That could be fun. Send him back to 4chan where he belongs and then nuke the site.
  4. it was, i haven't gotten the chance to smash somebody's opinions in a long while. Maybe his brain will eventually if i correct him enough.
  5. One can hope. Really, that was a lot of fun.
  6. Maybe he'll just try to make the opposite of an already existing topic again.
  7. Probably a useless one like his samurai sword. He was screaming for the topic to be closed once he got a good chunk of the active users on him. Plus looking at his samurai sword it's just like the buster sword I keep under my bed, cheap.
  8. who knows, he still couldn't drop the topic until it got closed though so either he is going to derail a topic all over again or make another useless one.
  9. Yeah, I can drink a coke right before bed and still go strait to sleep. And I wonder what VG will do today, though he only seems to come on at night.
  10. i have a problem with energy drinks but that is because i crash pretty much right after i drink them, coffee and soda usually work fine on me though.
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