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Conversation Between Sr Machinehead and GameGeeks

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  1. Why'd you lock the Outlaw Star topic?
  2. Yeah, probably the integrated video card. Those seem to be about 3 years behind the minimum.
  3. Or it's that i was using a fairly crummy laptop, this one plays it decently enough though.
  4. Probably a shader issue. Portal while it looked nice didn't require that powerful of a rig graphics wise. I could play it fine with my old 4800 NVidia card.
  5. Odd thing, my last computer would play portal fairly well on low settings but refused to play TF2.
  6. Not a problem, I've done it and I'll probably do it again. Yeah I have portal on Steam but I got it free. I also have Titan's Quest and Audio Surf but those where gifts.
  7. whoops yeah i wasn't exactly paying attention. =P but i would have bought the whole thing from the store but i already had portal and really only wanted tf2.
  8. First, helps if you reply on my channel. Yeah, just not into the whole digital purchase. I much rather have a hard copy. Say steam went out of business, you'd lose the game.
  9. Yeah, I tend not to buy off of steam.
  10. hmm, sucks the only thing i play on pc is TF2.
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