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Conversation Between Sr Machinehead and GameGeeks

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  1. Yeah, you can yell at other peoples kids at that age and people will find it endearing instead of getting mad.
  2. Not like i ever really cared much about negative views anyways, peoples views aren't worth much anyways so if they find something wrong i can't do much about it anyways. it will be fun if i ever reach that age though.
  3. Makes sense, just still seems odd to me. Not that there's anything wrong with it. I look forward to turning 80, moving to an area with lots of kids and sitting on my porch and yelling at them to get off my lawn.
  4. well i suppose it stems from some habits that i didn't have since i was fairly docile as a kid mixed with the fact that a lot of the things that little kids do i find bothersome. i can't say what it really stems from but since it doesn't get in the way of anything important so i don't see a reason to try to fix it.
  5. I never got that, how can you hate something you once where?
  6. ahh, i hate most children but that's for various reasons. i have no problem after a certain age if they were raised right though.
  7. Yeah, just starting to experience that, two of my cousins have babies.
  8. Well it was full of little kids romping around the house anyways other than the occasional person bothering me nobody really cared.
  9. Yeah, I can't get away with that. Not socially accepted with them.
  10. I had my ds that day and a set of headphones so it wasn't too bad.
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