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Conversation Between DeathBlade/13.666 and RyuTama

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  1. Not sure, but I'm about to fine out. XD The online isn't so bad for me because of how flexible it is. One class usually takes about 10-15 hours a week.

    I know what you mean. Kind of getting bored not playing wolf in a while.
  2. Ja, that was one reason I didn't really care for online/hybrid courses. o.o; How is Values & Ethics much different from Human Resources? I only have basic HR classes at my school. The others don't sound too bad, but I bet they can take up a lot of time.

    My blackmail was pretty generic, I just wanted to start writing in the RPG thread lol~. *lazy*
  3. Online college, the schooling never stops... ;.; Right now I'm finishing up on Information Systems and Values & Ethics. Though I just enrolled in Aviation Labor Relations and Human Resources. The joy...

    XD Yea, I didn't realize I have to create a character the first time, but I threw Chaos Fluffy in there for the lulz. lol You should've seen the PM's over my blackmailing.
  4. ...Blech, that sounds exhausting. D: You even have school on weekends? What sort of mad classes are you taking to deserve that kind of torture?

    Sweeet, I wasn't sure because I didn't see Maru "approve" your sign-up in the first thread, unless I missed it. Awesome though, a rude rabbit should make things fun. =D
  5. lol Still beats my weekends. School when I get up, work for 8-10 hours, sleep, and more school until Monday.

    I'm doing for the lulz, but I am seriously joining the wolf game.
  6. Lol, weekends for me usually mean having kids come over. So we'll probably all end up staying up late together and playing Minecraft. Not that I mind, buuut, I do like sleeping once in a while. :c Lol.

    Btw are you still joining Maru's Wolf RPG? Or was your sign-up just for teh lulz? o:
  7. lol Fun times. Though the weekend is coming up. Time to grab a good book and cuddle in next to the fire and lull yourself to sleep, methinkth.
  8. Not too shabbyy! I was with my older sister this year, and she bought me a a thing of rose champagne to celebrate, since she couldn't get me a drink for my 21st birthday last year. It was hilarious, because she allowed her 13-year old son to have a sip of it, and his reaction was the best thing ever rofl.

    I HAVE YET TO GET ANY DECENT SLEEP YET THOUGH auuugh. @@ I can already see my plan to cut back on coffee falling through lolol.
  9. Pretty good, you?
  10. ROFL yes. Thank you! XDD How'd your New Years go?
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