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Conversation Between TheThunderBringer and RyuTama

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  1. That's too bad, it was a good game. But at least everything's okay and whatnot, it was kind of worrying when you just disappeared. o.o I know how school is too, since I'm in the middle of college myself, so no worries~. Sign-ups for the next game are gonna be up within the week if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Uuugh T-T Sorry for telling you I'd be able to make the most recent Wolf game- I shouldn't have said that. I really should have assessed exactly how much work I was going to be getting when my senior year started.....I'll stick around on AF and see if I have time to join the next one
  3. I have one role left on the list, so you got it, you lucky bastard. :'D I'll shoot you your role PM in a few.
  4. Fuuuu, is it too late!? D:
  5. New game, closed set-up. You should play. :3
  6. lol, I guess other people might not want to see our Pokemon banter xD

    I think Bulbapedi and Serebii are saying it's Gen III just because of the game engine, or mechanics or something like you said. It miiiiight have a few Gen II or Gen III Pokemon in it, but even if it does, I know it also has all Gen I. Therefore, you can catch Snorlax and transfer him to your newer games.
  7. Figured I'd come here to spam instead of polluting the thread with pokémans. :P That's animeyay's job.

    Anyway, I know that FR/LG are remakes of the original R/B, but gen II & III pokémon are available on them. I haven't played much of the games myself (I'm not a fan of most remakes, and so far I'm only at Cerulean City on my FireRed ROM), but I checked Bulbapedia and serebii and they both say that FR/LG may in fact be a remake of the first Gen, but it is indeed a Gen III game since it contains some of the mechanics of the newer games (such as breeding, happiness, etc), as well as the gen III pokédex.

    ...and I have no idea what this all accomplished, but...YEAH.LOL.
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