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Conversation Between TheThunderBringer and Eris

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  1. Havn't read his pop-sci books, but they seem to cover a lot of the same stuff that Greene does (that is, layman explanations of the current state of physics and some string theory). Hard to say which one is the easier read, though.
  2. I ordered The Elegant Universe, and it should be at my doorstep by tomorrow =3
    But I couldn't help but notice all of Michio Kaku's books, too, lol. Think I could handle any of those after reading TEU?
  3. By the way; what college do you go to? I doubt I've heard of it since you live in Europe (I think?), but I'm curious, nonetheless.
  4. Ooo, cool. You live in Europe, right?
  5. Intuitively, I'd say yes. Because of the second law of thermodynamics which states that as time passes, things go from ordered to disordered. And a system where planets and the like are moving but gas is mostly standing still is more ordered than a system in which planets are largely stationary but gas is moving slightly faster (because there is more single gas atoms than planets). Though this would be part of the bigger phenomenon called the heat death of the universe (see wikipedia for more info on that), and it's entirely possible some other mechanism kicks in before space friction has any measurable effect.

    I may get around to do the math on just how big a friction force we're talking later, but tonight, I'm too tired.
  6. Does that mean that, eventually, all the planets and galaxies and stuff (sorry for using such big words) will stop moving?
  7. Depends on how technical you want to get. If you think of outer space as empty, then no. If you consider the fact that there is a vanishingly thin gas of particles basically anywhere in space, yes, crazy weak friction that will have really no impact at all on space travel (we're speaking of running into a single atom once every couple of seconds).
  8. Another random question that's been bugging me; is there friction in outer space?
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