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Conversation Between TheThunderBringer and Eris

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  1. Alright, thanks again ^^
  2. It's really hard to say at this point. It's still not certain this isn't just a measurement error. But say it's not, apart from this measurement, relativity is thoroughly experimentally verified, so it' -can't- be completely wrong. Very much like Newtonian mechanics is correct for almost all day-to-day cases (and indeed, at slow speeds, Newtonian physics emerges from relativity). But explaining these neutrino measurements requires new physics, and just how it turns out is very hard to say at this point.
  3. Hey, again; it's been a long time xD
    Just wanted to know exactly what the whole "neutrinos are faster than photons" thing will change. From what I read in Greene and Kaku's books and all they talked bout how huge a deal the speed of light is, it should have enormous impacts, but I just can't pinpoint many.
  4. Hey, haven't talked to (or been on AF) in a while, lol. I was wondering if you knew of a good book on evolution? Similar to The Elegant Universe in terms of understandableness, if you know of one.
  5. Matter can be created and destroyed (it can be turned into -, and created from energy, which is what Einstein's famous equation E=mc^2 says. It gives the equivalent energy of matter).
  6. If matter can't be created or destroyed, where does it all go after heat death?

    And the book's talking about dimensions now, so I might have some questions later, lol.
  7. Leptons. Stuff like neutrinos and the odd electron and positron.
  8. xD Wow, it sounds like they're speaking real words, but I just can't hear them or something, lol.
    What else -besides light- would exist?
  9. I can tell soutern accents from northern accents, and I hear enough midwestern to tell if someone is speaking in that accent too. Dunno if you've seen this, but if you want to know what listening to American English sounds like if you don't know the words, it's like this -->

    If the heat death pans out, light is one of the only things that will be around.
  10. I've heard it spoken before, it sounds really cool. By the way...what kind of accent do we (Americans) have? Can you tell the difference between all the different accents, or do they sound the same?
    One more lol, if Heat Death completely plays out, will light still be around?
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