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Conversation Between マルメロ and AzureDark

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  1. Sorry.
  2. It's /sup >.> as in superscript.
  3. Ah, I thought there was only one (also on the official site), but it seems like there's another one, too...which is also stated as it's ending theme...
  4. I just put Aku no Hana's OP for the time being, but looks like there are a few versions of it, and you sent the one with that screamo vocalist in it.
  5. I see where you're going, but chances are that a lead single will eventually be in an album.
  6. Ah, I thought it would make it easier to differentiate from the other songs if the singer happens to have many B-side tracks with no album...
  7. The "XXth Single" format in the Jpop pages are obsolete. Better not use them...
  8. I thought it was on the album. Deleted.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but...doesn't Guren no Yumiya release on the 10th of July?
  10. Legsssss
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