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Conversation Between Rei and Ericgamer1

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  1. Eh busy. Exams in the next two weeks =X along with the usual lyrics stuff, of course
  2. heh, I've just been a little bit busy lately.^^;

    how've you been? :3
  3. Hey, Eric. お久しぶりです! :3
  4. ^^ thankies <3
  5. Thanks for the gift. (: Your page has gotten even better ^^
  6. poke poke, msn? :3
  7. Sure, I don't mind. But I'm not on very often, I gotta warn you.
  8. mind if I add you on msn?
  9. Eric has been doing fairly well. (kinda lonely lately though u_u)

    I have the next 3 days off, so I should be able to contribute more of my insanity to the forum and such. :3
  10. Okay, I guess. Exams are coming up so I'll have to stop visting AF so often. ^^" How's life going for you?
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