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Conversation Between 玲華. and RyuTama

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  1. Hey are you still into the whole Wolf scene? o: Need a few more players~.
  2. Indeed :3

    There's a thread here, there isn't an option for it (which would make it so much easier :x); and as you can see I've spammed it xD I should probably get to posting SID album art soon~
  3. Ohsnap~ I didn't notice that before, he really does look like Len. xD

    So how do you submit album art? Cuz I haven't seen an option for it while submitting any songs. :x
  4. Oh~! i thought it was an art of Len ^^; it's similar to the Len from Karakuri Burst...

    Yep! I've spammed anough album art in my time
  5. Eh? Dis one? I don't think it's from an album or anything, if that's what you're asking. It's just fanart of England (Hetalia) that I found on google. *is lame like that*

    Although speaking of songs and pictures, are level 1 or 2 lyrics members allowed to submit album art?
  6. Ryu~!!! Which song is your avatar from? =D
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