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Conversation Between Rei and XSmoky

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  1. then get some sleep silly
  2. Lol at some fishing pond. Gods I'm tired >_>
  3. lol, where ya fishing at? mine was caught in port lavaca, tx
  4. It didn't really help that the townies killed off their chance And I couldn't go telling people 'Don't kill me because I'm the seer.'

    Fishy fishy. Caught a few yesterday, big ones but not as big as yours, of course. xD
  5. I shall start a march of protest to your death!
  6. But I just did DX
  7. but i dun want you to die!! T_T
  8. Thank you! Yeah but it doesn't help if people want me to die with a vengeance Dx
  9. jus so ya know...i wouldn't have voted for your death XD
  10. *pets you* XD
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