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Conversation Between Rei and animeyay

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  1. ooookay, that makes so much more sense now XD
  2. WAIT, I read that wrongly, didn't I? Fail.

    Anyway AF is always open in Safari on my phone, so it probably appears that I'm online all the time. =X
  3. I woke up at 7:30 D: on my way to school now, in fact~
  4. オーマイゴッド!まだ起きてるの?早く寝ろってばww
  5. Thanks (: And now he's gone and posted some emo status on facebook that makes me feel bad for even saying that to him. I think that's part of why it continues lol. Well no more.
  6. he's just being a 妄想痴情男 then. you have my sympathy
  7. Orhz I think Mousou Nikki's even more delusional lol xD It's all right. I love the song anyway. :3

    Right, I just spoke with him and he said that he knows that. So what is he doing, I don't know.
  8. sounds like he's very delusional. this is like real life Mousou Nikki lol
    sorry didn't mean to laugh at this situation ._.
  9. God knows I've tried. I told him that I'd smash my phone if he called me everyday. The thing is, he believes that he's not using the right tactic, instead of him just not being the right guy. He told me what his dad said: '追女孩要脸皮厚' and I was like '...seriously? -_-' If I don't like you it means that I don't like you, give it up already...
  10. awwwwww have you tried spelling it out for him? like, "S.T.O.P!"
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