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Conversation Between Rei and The Rebel

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  1. But still it is pretty dang annoying. G'Night, I'm off to sleep. School tomorr- today.
  2. That's why I made the rule for changing votes. If you change your vote, you have to list who you changing from and who you changing to.
  3. Lol I made one like that too. It was really confusing taking votes though, because people change them all the time.
  4. LOL. The cheat sheet is a complete list of all the roles and who is what. It's something to help me know who's who, and since I have a co-host in charge of Night Phase, it helps if she know's who's who too.
  5. What? There's a 'cheatsheet'?
  6. The roles are typed up, PMs typed, and all that. The only thing I have to do is actually assign the roles to each user, and type up the games first Day Phase post. That's my chore for today along with type the users into the cheatsheet for *Tsuki*. At least the PMs will be somewhat easy since they were all typed up days ago, just have to names to the wolf and mason ones which will be after roles are assigned.
  7. Lol, I wrote[posted] what it meant underneath...KURIA is Clear. Are the roles set up yet?
  8. Okay... Just making sure since I don't really know japanese,,, let alone any foreign language, lol. I have enough trouble with english, and I'm born and raised american, lol.
  9. I...ain't doing that, lol.
  10. You aren't calling me names now are ya?
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