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Conversation Between Rei and Kaitou+

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  1. Orz. >< done~
  2. Clean up inbox? >_>
  3. Thanks. <33
  4. Oops. Sure, done.
  5. Clean up your inbox, girl? >__>
  6. ...Unless you're gonna be busy. o.o I wouldn't want you to be inactive.
  7. Well, you're ahead of the game with your timezones, although in this case it would be 12 hours early for me, it shouldn't matter since my 2011 thread was made 6 hours early. xD

    Yeah, Kaitou likes all his lady friends equally. =P *huggles*

    1440x900. =P Also, you should join my Mafia game. >w< The number of players is ridiculous, it's never been that low. I haven't added it yet but I think there's like 17 people in total.
  8. I screwed up a standing solo though; my sax totally screeched and I was all >_>;;; Of course I will <333 I'll make a thread for it if someone doesn't beat me to it. :3

    Ohoho, I see~

    Yes yes =P your screen is probably huge...
  9. I'm glad my birthday is on a Saturday next year though, 2012/ x3 February 11th, remember it!! <33333

    She's not really my's just for pokes and jokes. =3 We're just good friends. ='D

    Haha, it must be your screen resolution then. TT_TT A lot of people say they can't see it either.
  10. ikr >( Last year they had it on the same date, too...

    Yep, I saw that xD Ribbon changed her name~ since when? I liked her old one better though.

    Good, 'cause I can't really see it. :P The general blue-black theme gives me that idea though.
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