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Conversation Between Rei and Kaitou+

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  1. Congrats on your award. Kaitou-sama is very very proud of you. <3

    And lol brah, you drunk. xD Yeah, that'll be me in 12 hours, but more like drunk as hell than "a little drunk" because I'm hardcore like that.
  2. Yeah, I been cooking ever since I was 14 so for almost 8 years now really. Also, what are your plans for new years? Your new years is 13 hours ahead of mine. xD

    Yes. Better to ignore those who causes problems.

    Was it good?
  3. Ah my cousin's cooking for us, too xD It sounds nice~ ^^ 頑張ろうよ!

    His posts sort of piss me off ~_~ His attitude towards the game and everything. Nope, he hasn't, probably because I haven't done any of the things he said that he'd dislike for.

    Yep I saw it :3
  4. You should also totally read my latest blog. >_>
  5. I only been gaming and watching TV really. I'll have to buy food tomorrow for New Year's then cook it. xD I'm a chef myself. ='3

    When did he disliked your posts? And yes, he's just a sensitive member. Don't mind him.
  6. Nothing much :3 Have a concert tonight, hope my playing's up to standard~ How's your day been?

    On another note, wolf seems to be going well, but I can't say that I like Hayu's attitude towards our games. If she thinks the playing here is so insipid, she should try trolling a mafia
  7. Chinita.

    I missed you. =3 What's up?
  8. Yes, that old name indeed.

    It was great one indeed. How was your Christmas?
  9. Aw, ze old name. Hope you had a great one, too <33
  10. Riiko, I hope you had a good Christmas. <3
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