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Conversation Between Rei and Kaitou+

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  1. Watch my game rock the floor. =3 Just one more.
  2. It's a pretty obvious tactic, anyways. =3 The only reason I failed sometimes is because the member got banned (for 3-4 days) but the host accepted their actions through QuickTopic.

    I'm adding Day Actions on my game so it should be pretty quick to spot on.
  3. I didn't say you were lying~ :3 Information gathering complete.

    I hope we get to work together this wolf game lol, and with JFL too. Our information gathering technique will be flawless.
  4. I'm not lying.

    During that times that Maru was expecting an action, you, animeyay and Sr. Machinehead were one of the people that were "OMFG ALICE ALICE" but then I quickly removed Machine from the list since I suspected him Wolf.

    It has done me well on NarutoForums actually, that's how I won games were I had to kill one person (and they had to kill me to win) just to win the game.
  5. ~_~ Sure~
  6. Nothing really. just an strategy I learned when you expect someone to give an action/command.
  7. Oh? And what gave me away? =X Too lazy to go back and read.

    Near the end I know I got more and more obvious
  8. I wasn't really paying attention to your role-claim though. xD

    I was just reading through the end of the day phases, really.
  9. I literally role-claimed lol.

    JFL thought I was the Duchess at first, though.
  10. I knew you were Alice though.

    It was pretty obvious. (After animeyay denied it)
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