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Conversation Between The Rebel and BluGru Mitsuo (Tori)

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  1. lol
  2. Glad to hear it. lol
    From school? So you actually know a few people IRL, that's cool. I've met a few myself from here,,, but mainly at the local Convention and for other things, lol.
  3. its awesome because i have alot of friends on here from school and friends like u!
  4. How are you enjoying it so far?
  5. yup!
  6. So, new to af?
  7. oh i see lol! :3
  8. Well yes, course it IS about a decade old. LOL I don't tend to bother with the whole "dark" look anymore.
  9. the profile picture??? D:
  10. What do you mean,,, is that me?
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