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Conversation Between The Rebel and DragonSoul

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  1. Back? You mean you left? Here I thought you just not speaking to me or something.
  2. Man just being me relaxing glad to be back u know its good to hear from ya lol
  3. Oh HEY! Not much really, same old stuff. Been watching Durarara!!
    How have you been, and what you been up to?
  4. Hey Reb long time no speak whats been going on
  5. lol
  6. Beats me, I left off with I think it was QuickBasic, lol.
  7. Lol its alright im trying tp figure out how Javascript works
  8. Wish I could help ya,,, but I know NOTHING about site construction stuff. I barely manage to navigate sites, lol. Joking about the navigating thing,,, kinda.
  9. Ehh just abit hard right now im working on my site and its some complicatins that i dont understand its crazy ^^
  10. Not a whole lot really. Just getting ready to go grab some lunch. How things with you?
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