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Conversation Between The Rebel and DragonSoul

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  1. Dude is that the robot or the one who sells gold i mean you have to be more specific XD
  2. Yeah, but what about good old Tom 2.0??
  3. No its comeing back for good im happy about it
  4. Really?? I thought it was just for the one day,, what was it, April's Fool day?
  5. Cool did u here toonami might come back that would be awesome
  6. OH, always could be better. But I'm surviving. Winter sucked cause it seemed I spent most of it getting sick. But at least I been getting in plenty of anime, lol.
  7. Great how are things
  8. Hey, how's it going?
  9. Hey Reb
  10. Hell, probably be getting a lot of drunken posts tonight, LOL.
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