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Conversation Between The Rebel and DragonSoul

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  1. Lol xd
  2. Think I'll stick with Naughty Bear, LOL.
  3. I could imagen its a crazy game dude trust me ^^
  4. I used to watch a friend play it like,,,, 20 years ago. Made me dizzy.
  5. You should it's awesome just hard Zelda was never easy
  6. Well, finally got the stupid Sims 2 working right. YAY! Means I have been finally able to get back to working on my frozen sims town, and the few who will live in a Alaskan Sim town, lol.
    Zelda? Hmm, never really got into Zelda.
  7. Lol yeah im just trying to beat my Zelda game which is hard as ever
  8. Yeah, I used to watch it all the time. Except for the DBZ stuff cause I got kinda burned out on it.
    Now I'm just suffering thru trying to figure out my Sims 2 game. Stupid Windows 7.
  9. Ahh ok yeah i hope thats who you were talking about yeah i guess but i hope toonami is better and it has more cartoons shows you know
  10. Since we discussing Toonami,, I figured you'd know I was referring to the robot host of Toomani, LOL. After all, they gave him a upgrade the last time Toonami was "upgraded".
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