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Conversation Between The Rebel and DragonSoul

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  1. Ight!
  2. XD never can right
  3. I try. And can never go wrong with getting some more angry music, LOL.
  4. Just gotta keep that positive things in mind and remember you have great friends. Lol and awesome get some cool music
  5. Hmm, how HAVE I been,,,, guess kinda up, kinda down, but mostly just blah I guess. Thinking I need to maybe see if the library has some more music CDs I might like.
  6. Thats pretty intresting. So how have you been these last few days man
  7. Not sure if I still have it or not. If I recall, it was installed on my desktop, but never used it much.
  8. Really what happen to it?
  9. I used to have a anime chat room program, lol.
  10. That happens alot to me when i talk to ppl on Anime chat i get side tracked cause the convo is real awesome ^^
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