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Conversation Between The Rebel and Kaitou+

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  1. Post Games have to be approved though. Thus the post game discussion thread. So if you want to be technical, Wolf hasn't been an official Post Game in awhile.
    You're costantly saying we play it wrong, and don't know anything, and keep referring to it having to be THIS way, and other forums. Frankly sounds like you just don't like the way things are here and feel the need to change it all.
  2. Who's saying that? But you said I want to take over AF, that's irrelevant, and that was never said. How the hell you come up with that?

    Post Games are allowed to pass over the 200 post cap, Wolf as well so I don't see what you're worrying about, Eris never closed the threads at all so I don't see how you always worry about that. Jesus. Just play the game and stop worrying about the post count, really dude. Stressing out over a game is not healthy.
  3. Seriously? Forum rules are irrelevant?
  4. Lmao, see? You don't know what you're talking about.

    Whatever dude, think how you like. You will always be biased of wanting things easy and you are just pulling irrelevant subjects to try to make your argument stronger.
  5. Once again, it about other forums and what YOU'VE played. It was modified cause it was being played on AF. If you haven't noticed, AF is not narutoforum or like MOST forums. In many ways we have WAY stricter policies. But hey, guess next you'll be taking over for Kaitou Ace too. Then you can make the WHOLE forum into your other forums.
  6. Lmao. yeah because people are suppose to get an idea if everyone makes one post a day. Good job.

    First of all, Wolf/Mafia is not exclusive to AF, and I already played around 15 games outside of AF (That's right, a lot more than you played) to clearly know what I am talking about. You, in the other hand is blinded by your bias of liking things easy.
  7. Not what the game is about? You didn't bring Wolf to AF, Lord Shinigami did. It's what you want to MAKE of it. And my issue is that it seems you don't understand that AF usually is STRICT about SPAM threads, but since Missy isn't on anymore, (I would know since I know her and have met her outside the net) no one is really enforcing the 200 post rule which is why Wolf was set up the way it was. Once a new mod is assigned, when one applies for it, they will have to start re-enforcing that rule which means Mafia will have to constantly open new threads for one theme. That will just congest the Misc Misc page.
    Uh, I give up trying to explain this. Obviously, you don'tlike what we had, and feel the need to change it up so be it. Not myplace to stop you.
  8. No, it doesn't make you wolf it just makes you suspicious. *facepalm* Did you even read my tut, it's very simple how outside communication is cheating, because you can leak a lot of info, like someone like the Seer to those he confirmed "Town", thus forming stupid things as alliances. That's not what the game is about.
  9. And yet, try to form alliances you get accused of being a wolf, if you don't constantly post you get accused of being a wolf, can't share ANY form of role information cause if you DO the wolves know it and can kill you for it. I just don't see the fairness in that. Especially since the ONLY reason we have been able to exceed the 200 post limit of a thread is cause Missy isn't even online anymore. Once a new mod signs up to replace her, spam posting like this game is will be shut down again.
  10. You're kidding me, right? That's not cheating, also, what I meant is how cling you are into the idea of using PMs to communicate with people.

    As a matter of fact, trying to blend in as a townie is part of the game. >.>
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