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Conversation Between .Tatty. and Faux Angel

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  1. i used a font then made it 3D.

    So a bit of both xD
  2. in ur set, did u make the text or is it font V.V
  3. but my face makes you smile so i must be!
  4. rofl ur no therapist
  5. thats it get it alllll out!
  6. .____." cuz "you" always act like "you" are more important and more cool D: than everyone else .... plus when i was giving u my ideas in our orientation engineering class, u totally blew off my stuff, which i already know is cuz im a girl, and u thought girls couldnt possibly be more mathematically inclined than you. and so, our pumpkin did not survive the fall from the stadium in the contraption u built because you wouldnt listen to what i told you about what elasticity and impulse means =______=

  7. kanscnvlenvlnfd WHY WOULD YOU DESPISE ME!?

    YouTube's an awkward awkwrad site thats what happened xD

    Well that was a case of that YouTuber being a moron xD
    lol in fact, u look eerily like a classmate that i despise .... but thats impossible ne

    oh oops.... well now i did lol.... idk what happened the first time >.<

    lol i was just thinking of the comment someone made about how "useless it was to make vector art when u could just render it" or something
  9. Seems our love for each other is only second best for our love for ourselves!

    You did? My subscriber count hasn't gone up :P

    Also who hates me?
  10. lol but but.... im already in love with another..... *cough*myself*cough*

    i subscribed~ u have some serious haters roflmao
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