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Conversation Between .Tatty. and Faux Angel

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  1. pooter = ?????????? O_____O


    .__. k, time to disappear~
  2. just play around and record whatver til you find whats right for your pooter!


    Invisible mode! Settings > my account > general settings.
  3. O_O ja, i downloaded it, now i just gotta figure something to use it for

    sure i guess, check ur pms soonish

    and tell me how ur always offline... i cant find a invisible setting
  4. thats becuase its a small overlooked watermark in the bottom right corner and it goes by fast xD

    naww does i get to see!?
  5. i dont remember seeing a watermark on your videos... i'll have to check again

    lol i was kidding >.> i dont like publicly posting my pics V.V
  6. nope its freeeeeeeeeee

    nuu i r manlier! and yes post and link me wench!
  7. eh.... u bought it?

    im manlier~~~ :3 i should post my sexy pic
  8. oh and i use the tipcam program!
  9. im not a geek! I R A MANLY MAN!!!!
  10. roflmao :') u sound completely geek nice tut tho
    how do u record it? .____. i kinda feel like making one
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