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Conversation Between .Tatty. and Chigumi

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  1. Well I hope when I get round to making it (probably monday) its good enough to do your editing proud. :3

    Oh by the way feel free to add me to skype or msn =]
  2. Yeah I understand that. If I did one more thing with it they would have liked it all the way. Im sure of that actually. xD .. Ah well, it happened. Im really looking forward to your art with mine in it :P .. almost no one has ever used something edited of mine. Sadly lots of times my normal photos were stolen and used on all kinds of sites.. >.> Ah well, cant prevent that :P
  3. No problem.

    I would love to see them go back take a photo of theirs and do what you did. I have a very rough idea of what you did, but I would probably suck if I tried to do it.

    As for me I do like to have more than one focal only if i can get away with it. Normally is just one focal to be the stand out statement of the piece.
  4. Thanks

    Yeah they think I am either taking it too lightly or am not skilled. While I can make just as much graphics as they can, I just take more time for that since its a lot. And I dont mind working hard for something pretty. But If you get too many layers, too many things going on... I tend to dislike the whole image Im creating. I think an image should make a statement with one obvious central style or subject. Thats what Ive learned at my school.
  5. A Talent.

    I liked your minimalist work a lot. They're some pretty awesome pieces! And hell minimalist is very very easy to get wrong.
  6. A flare? In what way? o.o
  7. Don't let that put ya off, you have a flare so take advantage of it! =]
  8. Thanks. I was really serious about that though, eheh.
    Ah well, the thread will be gone once Flash is awake and sees it. I havent seen Buggy around in ages, so I dont expect him to see it any time soon. The whole thing, it just lost my apetite for photoshopping agian. It was my first photoshop attempt in ages. Last time I seriously made a signature and wallpaper was early 2010.
  9. Saw you post and laughed, yes dead thread is dead. xD
  10. Awesome. =]

    Also I think it was a situation where you couldn't get your point across(not by lack of trying), some people are stubborn, so yeah thats my two cents. I considered you work to be photo manipulation myself. (and good at that xD)

    Also following ya on DA now too =D
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