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Conversation Between .Tatty. and Bulf

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    No problem though :P
  2. yo
    imma need you to vote again, because I forgot an entry.
    AF doesn't let me edit polls ;_;
  3. Love the signature as a whole! you may want to put a space bar between the tags though <3
  4. I hated the movie and seeing as the biggest cheat in AF suggested it, I very much hate it 8'D
  5. Not really. It's okay but I didn't like the all so I'm like in between xD.
  6. I didn't really like the other one myself! >:

    I liked this one better! C:

    Ans dure if you want to make one! =D

    Oh and you don't like the sucker punch theme either i take it? :P)
  7. I thought the other one was really creative and cool, but I like this one better! Thanks, Imma have to do one for you in a bit =D
  8. Last tag I made you sucked so here, it sucks slightly less :3

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