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Conversation Between Dr. Thunder and LadySaphiraShijinuske

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  1. For the most part it's been going very well. I got a raise, but then I had to cut some of my hours because I'm going to school at the same time. It pretty much evened out though. =) The only complaint I have is that it's an hr commute to get there and sometimes over an hr to get home because of traffic.
  2. ah really how is work going for you so far?
  3. Well I'm glad to hear, and also extremely jealous! I woke up so many times last night, and this morning I was exhausted and late for work. Not a good start to the
  4. I'm doing great just woke up from a goodnight sleep
  5. Hi! I'm doing well. ^^ How about you?
  6. Hello how are you doing today?

    it's very nice to meet you
  7. I saw you viewed my page. ^^ It's boring and I need to customize it lol. But I love your profile/avatar!!

    I need to make mine look spiffy like yours! Lol. <3
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