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Conversation Between Kazetori and Sizary Momo

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  1. It's an ok website. :/
    Woah look at this! O.O

  2. Haha, sweet. I have a few friends who swear by tumblr, I just have never wandered around it too much. Maybe I should lol
  3. I look em up on Google.Some Tumblr ones pop
    up and those are the best gifs. :P
  4. Lol, you have the best .gifs. Do you just them from from tumblr or something?
  5. Gracias seniorita! ;D

  6. Haha right? So pretty!!! Btw I am loving your new icon xD
  7. Dang! They really re animated the characters!
    France looks better than ever! @.@

  8. Woah sorry for super slow response D: Yea! It's called Hetalia: The Beautiful World and the new animation is suuuuper pretty! Here's the trailer. A few episodes are actually out by now!
  9. No.What's the new series gonna be called?! :3
  10. Right? It's so random! Did you see the trailer for the new series?!?!?!
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