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Conversation Between Little Black Cat and Infinita

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  1. It's not a hard language to learn but it's complicated in it's own way. I read it up on wiki to learn how to play. It's the same as English Chess just with different pieces that have different functions.
  2. Well, that's good for you, too bad I can't speak French, though I might consider taking up once I get out of secondary school. By the way, how do you play Shogi online?
  3. Oh that's fine. Tests are important. I start playing Shogi online and I got to talk to someone in French. Haven't done that in ages. It was quite lovely.
  4. Ooops....Sorry for the late reply ^^'' I had my common test so I couldn't go online...
    It's kinda true though....That's why I like meeting people from other countries ^^
  5. I am very talkative and I love playing some browser games and it gets lonely when you're the only one playing and you want to make conversation. lol
  6. Agreed! I find talking to people over the net is great in itself. Although, the different times throw me off.
  7. ^^ I really like meeting new people all around the world....especially with similar interests
  8. Woot! High 5! I love meeting new people. It makes me smile and if people can make me laugh, there awesome! ^^
  9. Well....HIGH-5 I <3 MEETING NEW PEOPLE TOO ^^
  10. That's awesome! I can see that being hard. I wanted to go to university for some science in Ontario but I figured that would be really far and very expensive. Hence why I am in a college that is somewhat close to home. I find meeting people from around the world is really cool. ^^
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