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Conversation Between OtakuInu!!! and ╬Karami Mew~Meow

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  1. lol I can wait ~ xD
  2. You're welcome!

    My friend said that the next one is probably on December. Looooong time.
  3. thank youuu =D
    and that's be great :3
  4. Awesome! Have a safe trip! xD

    I'll try to get in touch of some of my other friends who live in Mindanao and ask when the cons there are.
  5. in 8 days =D ~
  6. LOL.

    BTW When are you coming home here?
  7. hahhaha nah its not the school. its the kids that dont go to school XD
  8. LOL. I doubt that you'll be killed. Just pray for a sane school. XD
  9. lol more like i hope i wont get killed by one !!! xD
  10. Lol. I see. Aw... Teenage drug addicts.

    Well, I bet you could manage. I hope you won't be like them.
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